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How to Play “What Do You Meme”

Play What Do You Meme?: A Complete Guide to the Hilarious Party Game

Introduction to What Do You Meme?:

“What Do You Meme?” is a side-splitting party game that combines the humor of internet memes with the creativity of caption writing. Designed for players with a knack for wit and a love of laughter, this game promises hours of entertainment and endless fun. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to become a master of “What Do You Meme?” and keep the laughs rolling all night long.

Game Objective:

The objective of “What Do You Meme?” is to create the funniest captions for a series of meme images presented during each round. Players compete to come up with the most humorous and creative captions, as judged by a designated “judge” for each round.

Game Setup:

Setting up a game of “What Do You Meme?” is quick and easy, requiring only the game deck, a designated judge for each round, and a group of enthusiastic players. After shuffling the deck, each player is dealt a hand of caption cards, and the top meme image card is revealed to kick off the round.

How to Play “What Do You Meme?”:

  1. Caption Creation:
    • Each round begins with the designated judge revealing a meme image card to all players.
    • Players must then select one of their caption cards from their hand to pair with the meme image, creating a humorous caption combination.
  2. Caption Selection:
    • Once all players have submitted their caption cards, the designated judge collects and reviews the caption combinations anonymously.
    • The judge selects the funniest caption combination as the winner of the round, awarding a point to the player who submitted it.
  3. Rotation of Judges:
    • After each round, the role of the designated judge rotates to the next player in the clockwise direction.
    • This ensures that all players have an opportunity to showcase their creativity and humor as both caption creators and judges.
  4. Scoring Points:
    • Points are awarded to players based on the number of rounds they win by having their caption combinations selected as the funniest by the judges.
    • The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the ultimate “What Do You Meme?” champion.

Alternate Ways to Play “What do you Meme?”:

  1. House Rules:
    • Experiment with house rules to customize the gameplay experience to suit your preferences and group dynamics.
    • House rules may include variations on scoring, additional rounds, or special challenges to spice up the game.
  2. Themed Rounds:
    • Introduce themed rounds where players must create captions based on specific topics or categories, adding an extra layer of creativity and challenge to the game.

Quick Play Tips:

  1. Stay on Theme: Keep your captions relevant to the meme image presented to maximize their humor and impact.
  2. Think Outside the Box: Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when crafting your captions. The more unexpected and original, the better!
  3. Know Your Audience: Consider the preferences and sensibilities of the designated judge when selecting your caption, tailoring it to appeal to their sense of humor.

Note: The original version of “What do you Meme” is an adult version, due to the mature nature of some of the captions. There are more family friendly versions available as well.

“What Do You Meme?” is a hilarious party game that brings people together for a night of laughter, camaraderie, and creative expression. Whether you’re playing with friends, family, or acquaintances, this game promises to create unforgettable memories and moments of sheer hilarity. So gather your crew, unleash your wit, and get ready to discover what truly makes you meme!

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