Board Games

How to Play the Board Game Marbles

Playing the board game Marbles, also known as Aggravation or Wahoo, combines strategy, luck, and the classic fun of moving marbles around a board to reach a designated home area before your opponents. This family-friendly game, suitable for players of all ages, is often played on a wooden board with indentations for marbles to sit […]

Classic Games

How to set up a game of chess

Setting up a chessboard correctly is the first step in playing a game of chess, a game that has captivated millions of enthusiasts worldwide for centuries. Known for its strategic depth, chess requires not only foresight and planning but also an understanding of the game’s basic rules, starting with the proper arrangement of pieces on […]

Card Games

How to Play the Game Pit

What is the game Pit? “Pit” is a fast-paced card game that simulates the open outcry bidding system of the stock exchange, perfect for players who enjoy a lively and competitive atmosphere. It’s designed for three to eight players and aims to “corner the market” by collecting all cards of a single commodity. When was […]